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You don’t know what fangirling means until you see me shipping Yoh x Anna.


Kororo Cosplay.

Cosplay: Kororo

Anime: Shaman King

Cosplayer: Shinji Bang.

My Favorite Cosplay <3!!


palette #79 


シャーマンキング「Over Soul」8bit


Dam-kororo by oden_shop (おでん屋)

Wonder Festival 2014 Summer

Sculptor’s tweet page

*flips the table*

I ain’t even mad, I have enough time to sell my soul for the chance to get it on the next wonfest.


Hey! Go check out my new spin-off blog… Mini Asura Island!

What happens when Hana is stuck on an island with a bunch of shamans and spirits!? You could wait for more Shaman King Flowers…

Or you can watch Mini Asura Island and find out! (Lots of posts lined up in the queue for the next couple of days! Some are really funny! A must-watch for SKF fans!)